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Milk Thistle extract

Name: Milk Thistle extract


Category: Standard Herb Extracts
Effectiveness: Liver protection


1. Sources and Habitat

Silybum marianum (L.)Gaertn belongs to the Asteraceae family(Compositae).It is native to southern Europe, southern Russia, Asia Minor and North Africa.It has been naturalized to North and South America.

2. Descriptions and Specifications of Product

Content Specifications:Silymarin 80% Test By UV

Silybin(Silibinin) 98% test BY HPLC


Molecular Formula : C 25 H 22 O 10

Molecular Mass: 482.436

CAS NO: 65666-07-1

Constitutional Formula:


Molecular Formula : C 25 H 22 O 10

Molecular Mass: 482.436

CAS NO: 22888-70-6

3. Indications and Uses

It has the functions of protecting liver cell membrane and improving the liver function. Meanwhile, it has the function of detoxification, reducing the blood fat, benefiting the gallbladder, protecting the brain and removing the free radical of body and active constituent.

4. Safety Concerns

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reviewed the effects of milk thistle on liver disease and cirrhosis, noting that serious adverse reactions are virtually unheard of. The most common reported complaints were gastrointestinal disturbances, but the overall incidence was no different from placebo. Allergic reactions, ranging from pruritus and rash to eczema and anaphylaxis, are rare.

5. Dosage Information

Most clinical trials have used daily dosages of 420 to 480 mg silymarin, divided into two or three doses daily. Until the specific effects of each of the flavonolignans is known and products are available that contain standardized ratios of these components, the optimal dosage will remain unknown. Table 1 outlines the efficacy, safety, tolerability, dosage, and cost of milk thistle