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Name: 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)


Category: Ingredients
Effectiveness: Weight management / Memory support


Plant original: Griffonia simplicifolia

Specifications: 99% 5-HTP by HPLC

Molecular Formula: C 11 H 12 N 2 O 3

Molecular Mass: 220.23

CAS NO: 4350-09-8

Constitutional Formula:

Indications and Uses

Depression Anxiety Insomnia Fibromyalgia Migraine Weight Loss

5-HTP is most commonly used for depression. Because it is thought to work like serotonin antidepressants, 5-HTP has also been used for other conditions for which these antidepressants are prescribed, such as anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and migraine.

Safety Concerns

Potential side effects of 5-HTP include nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea. Rarely, allergic reaction to the supplement may occur.

The safety of 5-HTP in pregnant or nursing women and people with liver or kidney disease has not been established.

Children with Down's syndrome should not take 5-HTP.

Dosage Information

To minimize possible side effects, begin with a low dose of 5-HTP (50 mg three times a day) for one week and then increase the amount to 50 mg twice a day for one week, and so on by 50 mg increments each week, up to the dose recommended for your condition. For the quickest absorption, take 5-HTP on an empty stomach. It is best to read product label directions for guidelines on the dosage recommended for your specific condition.